Masters Corner May 2019

First off, I would like to welcome our newly initiated Brethren to St. George’s.
I had the pleasure as many of you did to attend the Grand Master’s official visit in Revelstoke. M.W.B. Barry Burch had a great presentation on the health of our district as well as the overall health of the lodges in the entire jurisdiction. All of which was great information. I had the pleasure of meeting many brethren from all over district 9 and would encourage anyone who did not have the opportunity to attend to consider attending next year and to seriously consider getting out to visit, it really is a big part of what makes Freemasonry wonderful. As the Most worshipful Grand Master did with all of the brethren at this meeting.
I would like to ask all the brethren of St. George’s to ask themselves one question as you enter the lodge room or as you are coming out to attend a meeting, “What can I do to make my lodge better?” Any and all contributions how ever large or small help to make St. George’s a better lodge. Ideas are always welcome so I would like to encourage you to approach any of the principal officers at any time with any ideas you feel might help make our lodge better.
We are all working together to continue to make St. George’s grow and to create an atmosphere in which all brethren feel they have something to contribute.

April 2019

Brethren, it is a great honour to be writing this very first of many editions of the Master’s corner. I was rendered somewhat speechless on the evening of the installation and did not have much of a speech to give. Now after a few days of reflection I have a few more things to say. I am humbled by the experience of the installation. I was told the view from the east is much different, but it does not become immediately apparent until you are there, and the perambulations begin. Being entrusted with the running of the lodge for this next year means a great deal and I am looking forward to working with all of the officers to ensure that we all have a great year. I am personally looking forward to our Regular meeting in April as we will not only be installing the members that were absent from the installation, but we will be introducing the 24 Inch Gauge of Fellowship.  This is a new initiative that I hope will encourage fraternity outside of the lodge room and well after the festive board has ended.

Sincerely and Fraternally

W.B. Josh Stilborn